Member Update: December 2022

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ADUs: Stamford Opts Out of State Rules

From the Stamford Advocate:
Following unanimous votes by the Zoning Board and Board of Representatives, the city has opted out of statewide rules for accessory – often called “granny” or “in-law” – apartments. The board limited which single-family properties can have an ADU to those that are at least 10,000 square feet; required that the property owner live on site; prohibited ADUs from being used as short-term rentals; require at least one “unobstructed” parking space for tenants; limited ADU size to 800 square feet; and limited occupancy to three tenants.

Open Call for Submissions for 06903 Magazine

From Mark Diamond, 06903 Editor and NSA Board Member:

Dear North Stamfordites,

I am putting together the next issue of the North Stamford Association magazine “06903“.  If you would like to write an article, reminiscence, or opinion for the magazine, or have a nice photo we can use, please let me know.

Mark Diamond, Editor
(917) 660-8758

Sewer Service for a Few North Stamford Homes Estimated at $8.1M

A few properties have failing septic systems that can’t be fixed, and the tab to bring them online with City sewer is estimated to cost $8.1M. Read the full article from the Stamford Advocate.

If you live in North Stamford, you very likely have a septic system. With repeated calls to increase density in North Stamford (calls mostly from south of the Merritt), 06903 residents are rightly concerned about the impacts to their own septic systems. A replacement system – assuming it’s allowed under newer regulations – can potentially cost north of $100,000.

New Assessments Arrive as City Increases Debt Limit by 75%

We note that at the same time new property assessments were arriving in our mailboxes, the City Board of Finance raised the city’s ceiling for bonding by $35 million for next fiscal year – an increase of 75%. Said Board Chair Richard Freedman: “At a certain point, we push up too close to the metrics that could cause us to lose our triple-A rating.” Read the full article from the Stamford Advocate.

In case you didn’t know, losing that AAA rating means an increase in debt service costs for the City, adding to the City’s overall budget and revenue/borrowing requirements.

Recent Property Transfers

Selected home sales in North Stamford, as reported by the Stamford Town Clerk: