The North Stamford Association is a coalition of residents dedicated to preserving North Stamford as a desirable place to live. Our community is identified by all areas north of the Merritt Parkway and within the limits of the City of Stamford.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the North Stamford Association is to protect, preserve and enhance the quality of life in our community. To accomplish our goals we:

  • Seek our fair share of city services
  • Actively protect zoning integrity
  • Work to enhance public education
  • Promote communication among residents
  • Maintain the natural beauty of our area

How We Work On Your Behalf

Who is on the North Stamford Association Board?
Fifteen volunteer residents of 06903 work collaboratively almost daily to research, respond and propose corrective actions to the issues brought forth by our members. Once a month, the Board meets to review the month’s activities and plan for the month ahead. North Stamford Association Board members are recruited through a public canvassing of our membership, requesting letters of interest from those who wish to serve. A Nominating Committee of Board members and volunteers from the membership at large interviews prospective candidates and makes recommendations to the full Board for approval.

How does the North Stamford Association organize its work?
We organize our work by committee. Seven committees – Administration, Environment, Forum, Land Use, Membership, Newsletter, and Communications – are staffed by three to five board members with one designated as the Chair. These committees meet off-line to conduct their business and address issues raised by members that are specific to their committee. Each board member usually works on multiple committees.

Officers and Directors


Thomas Lombardo

1st Vice President

Gail Okun

2nd Vice President

Jack Halpert


Joe Milano


Hiro Nakajima

Assistant Treasurer

Hal Mathis

Board Members

Steve Cole
Mark Diamond
Steve Dell’Olio
Art Gelston
Jack Halpert
John Hamlin
Tom Lombardo
Dennis Mahoney
Hugh McGoran
Joe Milano
David Murchie
Hiro Nakajima
Gail Okun
Allan Sacks

NSA By-Laws

What happens behind the scenes?
The primary conduit for new and recurring issues is the North Stamford Association information line at 203-329-2498 and the info@northstamfordassoc.org email address. Messages left on the phone number are saved and forwarded to the North Stamford Association president and sent to the appropriate committee where responses and plans of action are developed. The same flow takes place with email inquiries. This is a daily occurrence with many inquiries arriving each day. Since the North Stamford Association Board is comprised of volunteers, most with full-time employment, we do our best to respond to the messages in a timely fashion. The fifteen board members then work together via telephone and email to address the issue. Often we can resolve an issue or respond to a question directly. Sometimes, issues are more challenging and require legal or regulatory intervention to accomplish the desired outcome.

What can you do?
As members, we appreciate your membership support for the work we do on your behalf. As issues arise that concern you, we encourage you to:

  1. Open a service request with Fixit Stamford if the issue should be addressed by a department of the City of Stamford.
  2. Email us at info@northstamfordassoc.org and or leave us a voice message at 203-329-2498.

We ask you to join the North Stamford Association or renew your membership, and also to encourage your neighbors to join.