Member Update: February 2022

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It’s Time to Renew Your Membership

NSA relies on the strength of its membership – and annual dues – to continue advocating for the citizens of North Stamford.

Lock Your Car. Take Your Keys.

The North Stamford area has experienced a spike in car break-ins and motor vehicle thefts over the last few months, similar to neighboring New Canaan, Darien and Greenwich. In over half of the incidents, vehicles were left unlocked in the driveway. Items of value were taken with little effort and, with the handful of cars actually stolen, keys (or key fobs) were left in the vehicle. Lock your car. Take your keys.

Additionally, more mailbox thefts have been reported: thieves remove outgoing mail from your mailbox and “wash” checks (e.g., change a check to Eversource for $165 to a new name, for which they likely have a false ID, in the amount of $1,850). The red flag displayed on your mailbox for the postman becomes a sign for a mail thief. To avoid check washing, deposit your mail in a USPS blue box.

Food Composting Coming to North Stamford

As reported in the Advocate: The city will be installing, “a compost machine capable of processing 500 pounds of food scraps per day” at the Bartlett Arboretum & Gardens, with operations to begin this summer.

As noted in the article, this is a big plus for North Stamford residents that was to compost food scraps, since the alternative is to drive to the Katrina Mygatt Recycling Center, a round trip of as much as 40 minutes for folks in 06903. 

Click here for more info about the Stamford Food Scrap Recycling Initiative.

Zoning Petition Still in Limbo

A petition signed by many North Stamford residents, which challenges a zoning change made in December, is still in limbo as the City’s “bureaucracy” continues to disagree on whether or not the petition can be considered formally by the Board of Reps.
According to an article in the Advocate: “For weeks, the Board of Representatives has attempted to launch an inquiry into the zoning petition, which tries to fight back against a December move to allow more housing in largely vacant office parks… Since the beginning of the petition process, the Land Use Bureau has maintained that the documents submitted by residents do not meet the city’s threshold for a proper petition.”
Click here to read the full article.

Follow Up: Stamford “Science Observatory Center” Gets $2M from State

We almost missed this bit of good news in the Stamford Patch: The State of Connecticut Bond Commission voted to approve $2 million in funding for “construction of a science observatory center at the Stamford Museum and Nature Center.

As noted in our November newsletter, the Stamford Museum & Nature Center has big plans for the Stamford Observatory “to bring the dusty edifice straight into the 21st century.”

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Recent Property Transfers

Selected home sales in North Stamford, as reported by the Stamford Town Clerk: