City Supports Purchase of 64 Acres for Preservation

North Stamford Association is pleased to pass on the following news from the agenda of the Stamford Planning Board‘s Special Meeting to take place Wednesday, August 11, at 12:30pm:

The City of Stamford is supporting The Stamford Land Conservation Trust in the purchase of 64 acres for the preservation of open space and protection of the Mianus River Watershed. The City has committed to fund up to $1 million. The remaining amount, up to $2 million, required to preserve the property is being privately financed through the efforts of The Stamford Land Conservation Trust.

In addition, the City of Stamford and SLCT will jointly submit an application to OSWA, Open Space & Watershed Land Acquisition Grant Program, for additional funding to support this acquisition. OSWA provides financial assistance to municipalities and nonprofit land conservation organizations to acquire land for open space.
The acquisition will result in linking together a total of 245 acres of preserved open space. The properties will be available for public access with trails and recreational use. These properties are identified 6th and 7th most important properties to be protected as part of the Mianus River Watershed.