UPDATE: Leaf Bagging Plan

September 28, 2018. Last night the Stamford Board of Reps Operations Committee convened a special public hearing to allow the public to comment on a Board of Reps sponsored amendment to the Mayor’s leaf bagging ordinance granting residents the option to continue piling loose leafs curbside for pickup.

As President of the North Stamford Association, the attached opposition statement was entered into record and was well received by the Board. Three and a half hours of public comment did convince the majority of the Board of Reps to support the amendment resulting in an 8-1 Committee vote to send the amendment to the full Board of Reps this Monday October 1st.

The Public Hearing may be viewed by clicking HERE.

Click HERE for a copy of the opposition statement/Letter to the Editor of the Advocate 

This amendment, championed by North Stamford Representatives Dennis Mahoney and J.R. McMullen, if approved by the full Board, is likely to be vetoed by the Mayor.  During last night’s session, the Mayor remained committed to  mandated bagged leaf requirements commencing immediately.

At this time, we ask you to call the Mayor’s office at 203-977-4150 to express your opposition to this plan that essentially results in additional expense to homeowners for services now covered in our tax base.

We are pleased with the response to our concerns by the Board of Reps but disappointed with the Mayor’s Position. The Mayor has historically listened and responded well to the concerns of North Stamford Residents and it is our hope that following his review of the information and dialog from last night, a revised decision and plan will result.  The Board of Directors of the North Stamford Association will continue to work on your behalf on this and all issues that pose economic and quality of life concerns for our members.

Douglas York – President, North Stamford Association