North Stamford Associations to host forum on Education and the Stamford Public Schools

2/3/2020. The North Stamford Association (NSA) will kick off its 2020 Events Program in February with a Forum on Education and the Stamford Public Schools (SPS). The SPS Schools Superintendent Dr. Tamu Lucero will profile the school system today and describe what lies ahead.

The Forum will be held on Wednesday February 12th at 6:30pm at the Harry Bennett Library off Vine Road. It is a North Stamford Association members-only event. You will probably have friends and neighbors in 06903 interested in the event but who are not yet members. If this is the case, they can join now by signing up here: Alternatively, would-be members of the North Stamford Association may join at the door with proof of 06903 residency.

Whether directly or indirectly, education and our schools touch us all which means there will be plenty to talk about with one of the key actors in the City of Stamford – so come along with your questions for what is sure to be an instructive evening !!

If you are nostalgic for homework, you may wish to take a look ahead of time at the last annual report for SPS. It contains a wealth of information and can be found here: