Member Update: March 2023

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Celebrate Earth Day with EyeRecycle

Redeem your Bottles, Glass Bottles & Cans for Cash
April 23, 2023, 11am to 3pm
Bartlett Arboretum, 151 Brookdale Rd., Stamford, CT

EyeRecycle will be at the Arboretum accepting your 5¢ deposit bottles, glass bottles & cans. All glass bottles must be packed in cardboard boxes. Patrons can purchase EyeRecycle redemption collection bags the day of the event.

Composting Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

As reported recently on The Washington Post:

Most of the organic materials coming into your home from groceries to junk mail to paper bags are just soil in waiting. Think of compost as a luxury high-rise for microorganisms. Bacteria, fungi, nematodes, worms, sow bugs and other invertebrates all thrive in compost. When mixed into soil, compost allows it to hold more water and nutrients. Plants respond by growing larger roots, increasing yields and even sending sugars to the roots to feed more bacteria.

If a luxury-high rise of microorganisms in your backyard sounds like too much, here’s a reminder that the City of Stamford make composting easy: Stamford’s Food Scrap Recycling Initiative accepts food scraps at the Katrina Mygatt Recycling Center during normal operating hours. There are a few things you should know before driving down there with your food scraps, so be sure to read their FAQ first.

Happy composting!

Benefit to Support the Ferguson Library on April 20th

“A Novel Affair 2023” – an evening of food and festivities to benefit the Ferguson Library – is now accepting reservations. Featured food and drink sponsors include: Acuario, Avellino Family BBQ, Bar Rosso, Boys & Girls Club of Stamford Culinary Program, Capriccio Café, Çka Ka Qëllu, Columbus Park Trattoria, Harper’s House Creations, Nikki Glekas Events, The Ridges, Sunshine Cuisine and ZAZA. Plus an open bar with wine, craft beer and spirits tastings courtesy of BevMax.

I’m full just reading that list – AND it’s all for a good cause! Click here for more information.

Got Japanese Barberry? Uh-Oh…

As seen in a recent email from the folks at Pollinator Pathway:

Japanese barberry (Berberis thunbergii) is, as its name suggests, not from North America… This aggressive invasive plant is also a tick magnet. White-footed mice, common carriers of the Lyme disease bacteria, often hide and nest in barberry’s thorny branches. Juvenile black-legged ticks found in the dense foliage feed on the mice. Read multi-year Connecticut study on control of Japanese barberry and reduction of infected ticks.

Spring is here, so keep your eyes open for this “pesky shrub that ticks just love.”

Selected House and Senate Bills

A few notable bills under consideration by the Connecticut General Assembly (C.G.A.) for 2023:

For more information on these bills and others, including current status, visit the C.G.A. website.

Recent Property Transfers

Selected home sales in North Stamford, as reported by the Stamford Town Clerk: